Flexible Thermoformable Film for Food Packaging Solution

Jinyu offers thinner,more efficient,more sustainable range of flexible thermoformable films with the potential of environmentally-friendly and economically efficient food & medical packaging solutions.

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Product Detail

Jinyu's new casting production line located in Luoyang ,zhengzhou China  expands our range of food and medical packaging products, and creates the foundation for a new generation of film, including our ‘SuperClear’ and ‘FitFormability’ solutions. The new line offers new capabilities for the production of ll layers coextrusion flexible, thermoforming films, with Jinyu customers benefiting from solutions that enhance sustainability, efficiency and performance. And, it pays to know that the functionality of these thinner structures is exactly the same as our thicker structures.

Thanks to new material structures design , it will be possible to reduce film thicknesses up to 20 percent. This is due to the use of innovative extrusion technology and special formulations based on high-performance polymers. As a result, we get high-performance films which offer ideal product protection and open up new opportunities for product presentation thanks to their unusual clarity and transparency and deep draw properties.

Our flexible coextrusion thermoforming film benefits and features included:

  • Flexbie thermoforming films for wrapping & preserving produces
  • Also known as flexible barrier thermoforming films
  • Provide excellent clarity, glossiness & stiffness
  • Easy peel option
  • Enhance pack shape and appearance
  • Protect through distribution & transportation
  • High puncture resistance with optimum thickness
  • Our technical support team will assist in increasing machine output, enhancing pack shape and appearance, as well as providing adjustment of the photomark for printed films

Product Specifications:

Film Thickness

40- 350 microns

Film Width

Customized - 2600 mm

Film Length

Per your requirement

Super Clear Thermoforming FilmDeep Draw Forimg Film

Heat Froming Plastic Film

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