High Barrier Coex Vacuum Pouch Film

Jinyu offered 11 layers coextruded PA/PE vacuum packaging film using on frozen product packaging with excellent puncture resistance and withstand -18 ℃ cold temperature frozen.
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Product Detail

Jinyu offers a variety of plain pouch film in different gauges to suit your specific needs and requirements. These vaccuum pouch films have various applications in both the food and non-food industries. 

EVOH high barrier vacuum films consists of a high oxygen and water vapor barrier and is recommended for products which require maximum strength. 

Our coextruded high barrier vacuum films benefits and features included:

  • Co-extruded plastic film with water vapor & oxygen barrier, as well as high puncture resistance
  • Available in EVOH to increase shelf-life
  • Conserve good aroma
  • Enhance shelf life
  • Provide high clarity and glossiness
  • Secure safe transportation
  • Also known as PA / PE vacuum bag's film

 Product Specifications

Bag Film Thickness

40 - 200 microns

Per your requirement

Bag Film Width

Customized - 2600 mm

Per your requirement

Bag Film Length

Per your requirement

Cook in Vacuum FimBarrier Bag FilmEVOH Barrier Pouch Film


Subject : High Barrier Coex Vacuum Pouch Film

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