Vacuum Packaging Film For Fresh Vegetable

Vacuum packaging films are one of the best flexible packaging methods application. Bags are shelf friendly and are space convenient as they include the process of removing excess air before the bag is completely sealed. This packaging form is far more compliant for storage purposes.

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Vacuum bags were previously considered a very plain packaging pouch that removed excess air, but Jinyu offers more than just your ordinary vacuum bag packaging film. We offer a stock selection as well as custom made vacuum films according to your customer's requirements. We make use of the flexo technique on all custom printed vacuum films. This process allows us to print up to 13 colors. We make use of the plastic film within the production process including manufactures Vacuum Packaging film, mainly having a 11 layers structure which focuses on flushing out the air prior to sealing.

Vacuum packaging film is also used in frozen meats,processed meat,sausage,seafood, poultry,cereals, dry fruits, coffee, tea, potato chips, etc. The inner air is flushed out completely before being sealed thus ensuring the presence of no other gas apart from nitrogen.

The combination of these various plastic films adds to the overall strength and flexibility of vacuum bag styles. We produce all stock vacuum films and custom vacuum films  thus creating a puncture resistant feature.

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Subject : Vacuum Packaging Film For Fresh Vegetable

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