Peelable High-barrier Coextruded Printed Bacon Tray and Lidding Film

Jinyu produced flexo peelable barrier thermoforming film designed specifically for printed or lamination base material applications.
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Product Detail

Jinyu Flexo easy-peel film is manufactured with superior water quenched multilayer coextrusion casting  technology.

Jinyu offers a variety of different sealant materials to meet customers’ specific needs.

Jinyu flexo thermoforming films have an super superior sealant that is designed for high speed packaging process and for sealing against contamination.

Jinyu films also have various functional characteristical, such as peelable ,anti-static, anti-fog, re-sealable  etc. Jinyu flexo offers high oxygen barrier ,medium oxygen barrier,non oxygen barrier products.

Other than the sealant films, Jinyu also offers printed laminates base film using its own sealant. Jinyu laminates base film are usually designed based on customer’s specific requirements.

Product Applications

  • Thermoforming barrier films for packing fresh, frozen, smoked & processed meat
  • Provides high clarity & glossiness
  • Enhances shelf life
  • Preserves good aroma
  • Available in EVOH option to increase shelf life
  • Flexo Printed Thermoforming FilmEVOH Flexo Printed FilmPeelable Thermoforming FilmPrinted PA/EVOH/PE Thermoforming Film

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