Udon Noodle Packaging EVOH Thermoforming Film

Jinyu produced coextruded 11 layers flexo printed technology thermoforming film application on undo noodle packaging which can be contact foods directly.
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Product Detail

Luoyang Jinyu New Material Technology Co.,Ltd  manufactured some of cook-in forming films in the world by most advanced W&H 11 layers co-extruded casting machine for its customers,which designed specifically for flexo printed and lamination applications with sophisticated multilayer coextrusion casting technology.


Multilayer structure design enhance the strong thermoforming property and advanced forming technology,EVOH as barrier layer ensuring your product maintains manimum shelf-life and superior outlook presentation.

Other than formability performance, Jinyu also offers printed laminates  base film using  on udon noodle. Jiyun flexo printed property are usually designed based on customer’s specific requirements.


Our range of products application offers many benefits to you and your customers including: 

  •  Suitable for packing product with high punture performance requirements
  •  Better vacuum performance;Easier take-out air
  •  Effective transparency; Stylish gloss
  •  Excellent properties on gas barrier, moisture proof
  •  Close to 100% capacity volume ratio by tightly fitting surface of food
  •  Longer shelf life, storage time,deliery time

Product Specifications

Film Thickness 
40 - 350 microns

Film Width 
10 - 2600 mm

Film Length 
Per your requirements

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Subject : Udon Noodle Packaging EVOH Thermoforming Film

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