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Fujian Sterimed New Material Technology Co., Ltd Luoyang Branch has well-equipped garden-style production base, GMP purification and aseptic standardized production workshop, functional materials R & D center and other production R & D facilities. Jinyu introduced a complete set of German original imported W & H 11-layer co-extrusion casting film equipment, using top co-extrusion casting process, unique patent technology, so that the company produced 11 layers of co-extrusion casting functional film, with high security and high barrier performance. Belong to "research, production, marketing" integration of plastic film packaging high-tech enterprises.

The main products are: thermoforming film, bag making film, pealablefilm, antifog film, EVOH high barrier film, modified atmosphere packaging cover film, lidding film, etc. Meet cooked food packaging, thermoforming property, frozen food packaging, water bags, body-fitted packaging, composite printing base materials, chemical pesticide packaging, pure milk automatic filling machine, drink packaging, auto parts processing and other industries demand.

JYthermofilm will be committed to plastic film packaging R&D and production, for more customers and industries to provide green, safe, healthy and innovative functional packaging materials. While attaching importance to consumer health, environmental protection and fulfilling social responsibilities, we should improve production and manufacturing levels, persist in technological innovation, conduct sustained R&D guided by market demand. While meet consumer demand and customer packaging demand, for human health and good ecological environment unremitting efforts!

Fujian Sterimed New Material Technology Co., Ltd Luoyang Branch was a major China flexible packaging manufacturer offering a great variety of products, with special emphasis on co-extrusion thermoforming film of barrier and non-barrier films. The company has a strong technical base in multilayer coextrusion thermoforming high barrier film.

JYthermofilm’s primary market is the food industry, with emphasis on meat, poultry, cheese and fish. Other markets include lidding film , the printing/conversion industry ,EVOH high barrier film,multi-functional packaging and personal care packaging.

Our objective is:

To meet the wide requirements of the flexible-packaging market effectively.

To emerge in a dynamic global market that demands extreme flexibility.

To anticipate and meet the continuous challenges for new and innovative packaging solutions.

We are devoted to continue exploring and developing new material and process technologies, aiming at better serving its domestic and global customers.

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