JYthermofilm is a special flexible packaging solutions provider that committed to the latest manufacturing and converting equipment.  We manufacturing some of the world advanced multilayer coextrusion thermoforming film in the marketplace.  From our main manufacturing facility in German to our regional facilities in China we can offer your flexible thermo packaging needs wherever you are.

Our manufacturing capabilities include

W&H Most Adavanced 11 Layers Coextrusion Casting Line

Domestic Brand Dahua Slitting Machine

We control the end to end process from resin to after sale.  We use the highest quality raw material from the most reputable suppliers.  Full GMP purification aseptic production workshop,functional materials R&D center,using the most advanced 11 layers co-extruded casting equipment,castitng composite technology and unique patented technology to produce multi-layer co-extruded high barrier cast membrane that you can be sure JYthermofilm  have all your packaging requirements covered.

11 layers German W&H casting machine

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