JYthermofilm invests substantially in research and product development every year. Our dedicated R & D team consists of high-tech scientists and engineers. Working with suppliers and customers, we design and develop new innovative products to determine the packaging technology standards. We are market-oriented and strive to become the best in our class.

Our application centers are available to customers and suppliers to visit to test products and packaging formats. Our packaging development team will work with you to achieve the best packaging solution for your application. We invest in the latest packaging and testing equipment to ensure that you always remain at the forefront of the market ahead of your competitors.

Located in our main production facility, which is at the core of our product development and testing program. All of our products are subject to rigorous testing procedures to ensure full compliance with international standards.

Our research center has collaborated with local universities and educational institutions to carry out a series of projects. Utilizing advanced technology and testing equipment, these academic institutions can take advantage of the industry's most advanced equipment and resources.

Coextruded thermoforming film testing center

Since JYthermofilm inception, it has set up an independent production research and development center, currently has a strong technical R & D team, the core members of the industry have nearly a decade of professional experience.

In addition to strengthening independent R & D capabilities, Jiyu attaches great importance to industry-university-research cooperation. In order to strengthen the product innovation research and development, enhance the sustainable development ability,  JYthermofilm unionizes the domestic well-known universities, the scientific research institute etc., positively carries out the production-university-research cooperation. With the help of these platforms, innovative research and development is carried out in the fields of product innovation, polymer field etc. At present, there are some scientific research results, and actively apply for patents, for  JYthermofilm development provides a full guarantee of technological innovation.

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