• Compassion Enterprise Poverty Alleviation
    Compassion Enterprise Poverty Alleviation


    In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC, and comprehensively implement the arrangements of the Central Committee, the Provincial CPC Committee, and Luoyang City for overcoming poverty, Jinyu in Luoyang actively participated in precisely helping the poor. As a local plastic film packaging high-tech enterprise in Yiyang County, while providing customers with green environmental protection, safety and health, innovative functional packaging materials, shoulder the social responsibility of a private enterprise. This time, Luoyang Jinyu extended a warm hand to 70 poor households in Pai Yao Village,  donating 10,000 RMB worth of loving materials. Hongxin and relevant leaders of Yiyang County visited the local poor households, personally delivered rice, instant noodles and grain and oil, and offered cordial condolences. Every family can see a happy smile on their face. "Thanks to Luoyang Jinyu for their concern and help to us, the leaders of the village for their constant consideration for the people, and the state for giving us the policy to lift us out of poverty." For us, the most important thing is to respond to the national call 'roll up your sleeves and work hard. It is always temporary to rely on others. Only when you take the initiative and work hard to lift yourself out of poverty, can you not increase the burden on your country.'

  • High Barrier Coextrusion Film Application On MAP
    High Barrier Coextrusion Film Application On MAP


    Atmosphere preservation packaging, also known as MAP or CAP, said the atmosphere tone packaging or replacement gas packaging, inflatable packaging, is the use of gas barrier properties of packaging materials packing food.According to the actual needs of customers will be a certain proportion of O2 + CO2 + N2, N2 + CO2, O2 + CO2 mixed fresh air to replace the air inside the box, making the bacteria dormancy or slow growth in this state of balance, to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms to achieve the purpose of food sensory, nutritional value of the mouth does not change , To prevent the food in the physical, chemical, biological and other aspects of the quality of the decline or slow down the rate of decline in quality, thereby extending the shelf life of food, to achieve the role of preservation, enhance food value. Compared to the traditional vacuum packaging, frozen packaging, additive shelf life, atmosphere packaging food does not allow physical or chemical reactions, no additives, to avoid secondary pollution. Atmosphere packaging as a food packaging technology, has a long history, as early as the 1930s in Europe and the United States has begun to study the use of CO2 gas to save meat products, research and development in the 1950s, N2 and CO2 gas replacement canned beef and cheese cans. The air effectively extended the shelf life. In the 1960s, due to the development of a variety of airtight plastic packaging materials, many products such as meat products, fruits, vegetables, cakes, tea leaves and dairy products have successfully adopted the gas replacement packaging technology. 70 Since the inflated packaging of fresh meat in Europe and the United States is widely used, since the atmosphere in the world booming packaging development Jinyu Tech mainly produces 11 layers of coextrusion high barrier cast film, 11 layers of co-extruded PA / EVOH / PE barrier film, 11 layers of coextrusion PA / PE medium barrier film, 11 layers of co-extruded PA / PP high temperature barrier film , PA / PE easily tear film, anti-fog film, and other types of functional multilayer co-extruded film. 11 layer co-extruded cast film, coextruded by a variety of materials, the performance of the advantages of a variety of raw materials collected, the different polarity of the resin modified polyolefin coextrusion bonding, including PE, PA, PP, EVOH variety of modified materials. Multi-layer co-extruded film to improve the oxygen and fragrance barrier, composite peel strength, environmental resistance and shelf life, but also achieved a variety of materials, a variety of advantages, with low overall cost, the appropriate secondary processing Replaced many of the dry-based composite packaging market, and no residual adhesive contamination. Eleven layers of co-extruded film most suitable for oxygen, moisture and strength requirements of food,, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products packaging has become a new type of packaging in f...

  • Multilayer Coextrusion Barrier Thermoforming Film Manufacturer
    Multilayer Coextrusion Barrier Thermoforming Film Manufacturer


    Luoyang Jinyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional and innovative enterprise committing to R & D design and production of multi-layer co-extruded casting film. Our company has own a production base, in line with GMP 100,000 standard standard fully enclosed air conditioning production workshop, imported Germany W & H 11 layer co-extruded advanced production line, with an experienced, skilled and innovative and efficient groups, with an annual output of multi-layer co-extruded film capacity of 8,000 tons. The company through the international quality system certification, the products meet the US FDA standards, through the national quality inspection of plastic products inspection center. The company fully operational ERP management system and production network information. Products using the latest co-extrusion casting process to play a variety of packaging materials, non-functional and other solvent residues, all plastic can be reused, in line with today's world environmental packaging trends. Luoyang Jinyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to a variety of industry products, flexible plastic film packaging, make every effort to use innovation and professional, to provide timely and future reliable functional plastic film packaging.

  • EVOH High Barrier Film Application on Food Packagings
    EVOH High Barrier Film Application on Food Packagings


    In recent years, people  pay high attention on food and drug safety issues, the community have great concern on the food safety issue of human health. EVOH ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer with its high barrier properties, making EVOH as the best choice of environmentally friendly, safe packaging materials. The world's production EVOH ethylene - vinyl alcohol copolymer resin raw materials manufacturers have Japan's Kuraray, synthetic chemistry, the United States EV Belgium SOLVAY and so on. EVOH ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer is made of ethAL, ylene-vinyl acetate copolymer through soap 60-80% vinyl alcohol, PVA is a modified polyvinyl alcohol, the production process and PVA similar, EVOH and PA polyamide, PVDC poly Vinyl chloride and known as the three high barrier materials, EVOH packaging film has high performance, low cost, low pollution and other advantages, is the fastest growing, most widely used film. EVOH resin is highly resistant to gas and water vapor, EVOH is the alcoholysis product of the ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer saponification reaction or partial saponification reaction, the high degree of crystal, the hydroxyl groups in the molecule and the hydrogen bonds between molecules are strong Bonding, strong intermolecular cohesion, high degree of molecular chain accumulation, the hydroxyl group in the molecule is polar, oxygen is non-polar, due to similar compatibility principle, oxygen and other gases can not be through. Room temperature, humidity of 65% RH, EVOH oxygen permeability coefficient is other ordinary plastic PP polypropylene and LDPE low density polyethylene ten thousand times. EVOH and oil and other non-polar oils and organic solvents will not produce such as hydrogen cyanide, dioxins and other toxic and hazardous substances, the production process will not cause any pollution to the environment. EVOH is used in the food industry aseptic packaging, hot and steamed bags, packaged dairy products, meat, canned and condiments. EVOH plastic film can basically replace the glass and metal containers, a number of domestic aquatic products export seafood on the use of PE / EVOH / PA co-extruded film vacuum packaging. EVOH high barrier film used in tomato products to solve the tomato sauce products, the problem of high oxygen permeability, shelf life extended to 18-24 months. EVOH used in fermented kimchi packaging, packaging materials, transparency, gloss and other packaging effect is better, the hardness of the kimchi and color preservation of the results are more than the advantages of other ordinary packaging materials. EVOH in the liquid milk packaging market, is bound to replace the vast majority of PE black and white milk film, as consumers of liquid milk products shelf life, taste and nutrition and other needs to enhance, EVOH multi-layer co-extruded milk packaging applications more and more The wider, the packaging film can be an excellent way to maintain the taste and nutrition of pure liquid milk, Billy Le pill...

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