The company imported the most advanced W&H 11-layer co-extrusion water quenched casting line from German, which is the first enterprise in Henan province to own this equipment. Free combination of raw material formula, high degree of automation equipment, put raw material transportation, ratio and plasticization into a perfect combination, by the central computer accurate control of the speed and accuracy of each extruder up to 1/1000 of the ration feed system. Fully ensure product stability, high transparency of the film, strong gloss, good barrier performance, excellent thermoforming performance. Rich variety of product structure can meet the packaging needs of various industries and even in personalized customization.

The resin raw materials used by Jinyu are mainly EVOH, PA, PP, PE etc., which come from famous petrochemical companies all over the world. After strict storage inspection, they are completely in line with the requirements of environmental protection and safety. Resin raw materials are transported to the corresponding extruder by the vacuum suction platform through the closed pipe to avoid the secondary pollution of the raw material contacting with the outside. 

JYthermofilm has the complete technology and the equipment, the advanced on-line closed-loop thickness control system, precisely control each meter product longitudinal and horizontal thickness distribution, cooperates with the 24-hour QC off-line product inspection tracking, has guaranteed the product performance the continuous stability. 

JYthermofilm has established a complete and effective modern enterprise management system and quality management system according to the management standards and national standards of food and pharmaceutical products packaging in developed countries at home and abroad. Also Jinyu has the national QS industrial product production license, ISO9001 quality system certification, BRC packaging quality system certification etc., and fully realize the production process tracking information management system.

The effect of UHF wide surface post-treatment and good rewinding flatness can fully meet the requirements of printing, compound and other post-process processing. The constant temperature workshop which accords with GMP requirement covers all the processes to realize the product. Ensure that the product is "spotless" and has stable physical properties.

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