Coextruded PA/EVOH/PE Vacuum Pouch Film Usage on Packing Chicken Claws

Jinyu produced 11 layers co-extruded PA/PE, PA/EVOH/PE, PP/EVOH/PE, PP/PA/PE, etc vacuum film are suitable for 3 sides,2 sides flat bag.

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Product Detail

Luoyang Jinyu New Material Technology Co.,Ltd produced all vacuum pouch film comply with BRC,ISO,SGS regulation and can be used in direct food contact application.

Jinyu offers a wide range of vaccum pouches,ranging from non barrier pouch film, medium oxygen barrier pouch film, high oxygen barrier pouch film,frozen and cook-in pouch film.

Jinyu pouch film are specifically designed to catch up with different packaging needs,possessing excellent sealing strength, superior mechanical and physical properties, and other functional properties such as barrier, anti-fog, anti-puncture resistance and high temperature resistance.

Jinyu pouch film are generally used in various vacuum chamber machines. Jinyu offers high quality vacuum pouch film at most competitive pricing.

Chicken Claw Packaging FilmCook-Chill Barrier Vacuum FilmEVOH Barrier Vacuum FilmCoextrude PA/PE Vacuum Film

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