Multi-layer Coextruded Film for Vacuum Packaging

Jinyu produced multi-layer coextruded film are the ideal choice for vacuum MAP packaging application,especially for fresh meats,processed meats,cheeses,seafood and the other food products that require oxygen and moisture barrier as well as aroma,flavor and UV protection.

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Product Detail

Jinyu offers a wide range of vaccum pouch films,ranging from medium oxygen barrier pouch film, high oxygen barrier pouch film,retort pouch film to cook-in &frozen pouch film.

Jinyu pouch films are specifically designed to meet different packaging needs,possessing excellent sealing strength, superior mechanical and physical properties, and other functional properties such as barrier, anti-static, anti-fog and high temperature resistance.

Jinyu pouch films are generally used in various vacuum chamber machines. Jinyu provides high quality  pouch fillm at competitive pricing.

Our range of vacuum film benefits and features included:

  • PA/PE vacuum bags for packing Pickel Products
  • Co-extruded plastic film with water vapor & oxygen barrier
  • High puncture resistance
  • Preserve good aroma
  • Enhance shelf-life
  • Provide high clarity and glossiness & secure safe transportation

Product Specifications


Up to your requirement 


Customized - 2600 mm


70 - 120 microns

Printing Colors

Up to 13 colors

Barrier Aroma Vacuum FilmVacuum Bag FilmEVOH Vacuum Pouch Film


Subject : Multi-layer Coextruded Film for Vacuum Packaging

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