PA/EVOH/PE Laminated Base Film Application on Automobile Parts Lining Film

Jinyu Produced Multi-functional Barrier Film which is used for automobile carpet film and wheel cover film.

Jinyu 11 Layers casting Co-Extrusion Film is very suitable for the manufacture of automobile carpets. The automobile main forming carpet includes three layers: the upper layer is a pile carpet fabric layer, the middle layer is a multi-layer co-extruded film layer, and the bottom layer is a moldable hot-melt felt layer. The co-extruded PA film of the middle layer can block the bubble leakage and sound insulation, greatly reducing the foam leakage rate, from the original 5% to about 0.2%. The PE layer on both sides of the co-extruded film can be used to bond the upper layer and the bottom layer, or the PA nylon layer on the outer side is convenient for forming and compounding. The car carpet with three layers of materials is more environment-friendly , soundproof, and suitable for the lightweight requirements of automobiles.

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