Tray Top Lidding Film Usage on Fresh Meat Packaging

JYTHERMOFILM offer a full range of PA outside co-extruded PA/PE. PA/EVOH/PE;two sides PE co-extruded PE/PA/EVOH/PE top webs and lidding films for application on correlative with compatible deep-draw thermoforming technology 

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Product Detail

JYTHERMOFILM has a range of high performance PA/EVOH based 11 layers Co-extruded Flexible barrier film for Top Web & MAP Tray Lidding Film, Flow pack Application. These high barrier films are ideally suited as lidding films on ready-made trays, as well top webs on all thermoform-fill-seal lines. This technique adds an advanced barrier layer that maintains product freshness while optimizing its shelf-life.

This film has excellent properties like easy peel and anti-fog. Available in high, medium and low barrier, this film can be used with different substrate types, including PE, PP, PS, PET, Aluminum and more. Your products’ will look great as Toplidding has a great glossy appearance and it is available in printed, unprinted, natural, tinted and pigmented films.

It is ideal for food and non-food products like cheese, dairy product, meat, poultry, fish & marine products, vegetables & fruits, dry fruits & nuts, bakery products, ready meals (burger, pizza, egg, etc), chocolate bar & sweet, welding rods, health care products, medical devise (syringes, surgical items, etc) & many more.

Our range of products included benefits:

  • High puncture resistance & hot tack & sealing property
  • Wide range of oxygen transmission rates, for an increased the shelf life
  • High barrier properties against oxygen and water vapor
  • Available in varied thicknesses as well as in thin film options
  • Makes products look premium in retail showcase because of its extremely clear & anti-fog film
  • Quick sealing properties for faster machine speeds and higher output
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for high gas and moisture vapour transmission, product preservation and maximum food packaging shelf life
  • Suitable for Lidding, Top Web, VFFS, HFFS and TFFS machines

Product Specifications:

Film Thickness

40- 350 microns

Film Width

100 - 2600 mm

Film Length

Per your requirement

Barrier Co-extruded Easy-peel Topweb Films Sealable Top Webs FilmPlastic Co- extrusion Topweb Films Multilayer Co-extrusion Lidding Films


Subject : Tray Top Lidding Film Usage on Fresh Meat Packaging

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