Flexible Food Packaging Film Usage on Fish Sausage

JYTHERMOFILM offer some of the most advanced technology of thermoforming films  by W&H 11 layer co-extruded casting machine application on fish sausage packaging.

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Product Detail

JYTHERMOFILM are pleased to introduce multilayer thermoforming film – a wide range of high gloss, crystal clear, easy formablity, and excellent-performance barrier films for thermo film application.

JYTHERMOFILM  produced sausage barrier films features a revolutionary multi-layer co-extrusion thermoforming  process with unique and innovative fresh cold properties lets the films giving you perfect choices.

JYTHERMOFILM  offred multilayer coextruded thermoforming films are production friendly and perform consistently for your most demanding applications.

JYTHERMOFILM  have been specially designed and engineered to perform on all thermoforming machines for the majority of applications.

Our range of products application offers many benefits to you and your customers including: 

  • High oxygen and moisture barrier properties providing safer and longer shelf-life
  • Cook-in options available to withstand even the harshest of conditions
  • High gloss and opacity showcasing the best of your product
  • Wide seal window allowing ease of use for all Forming systems
  • Various grades of material providing a solution to all your product requirements
  • Excellent forming ability providing increased presentation and efficiencies
  • Customized opening characteristics from lock-seal to easy-open available 

Choose from our comprehensive portfolio of Flexible Food Packaging Film the features that most benefit your product.

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Subject : Flexible Food Packaging Film Usage on Fish Sausage

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