EVOH Thermoformable Film Application on Sausage

JYTHERMOFILM  offers a variety of multi-layer co-extruded casting food packaging films suitable for the food industry applications such as frozen, microwavable, cook-in,sausage,fresh meat, poultry,seafood,bread and dairy fruit markets.

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Product Detail

Co-extruded plastic thermoformable film with excellent water vapor & oxygen barrier, as well as strong puncture-resistance

EVOH thermoformable film application on bacon packing

EVOH as barrier layer to increase shelf-life

Ensure premium product appearance & pack shape

Excellent clarity, glossiness & stiffness

Nylon layer with excellent property of puncture resistance

High oxygen barrier and water vapor barrier

Product Specifications

Roll Thickness: 40 - 350 microns

Roll Width: Customized-2600 mm

Roll Length: Up to customer requirements

Roll Color: Clear

Thermo Film for Sausage

multi layer barrier film11 Layers Casting Thermo FilmCoextrude PA/EVOH/PE Thermoformable Film


Subject : EVOH Thermoformable Film Application on Sausage

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