11 Layers Coextruded Thermoforming Film for Meat

JYTHERMOFILM thermofroming films are designed for today’s demanding food packaging requirements.  JYTHERMOFILM films provide superior package integrity, along with optimal characteristics for packaging a wide range of food and nonfood items.  Excellent formability, outstanding gloss and clarity with precise cutting characteristics.

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JYTHERMOFILM 11-layer co-extruded thermoforming film casting technology provides excellent formability, outstanding gloss, and contact clarity characteristics, that seal well and cut easily. Jinyu's thermoforming films are ideal for packaging a variety of products including processed meats, frozen meats, cheeses, surimi, and frozen seafood.

JYTHERMOFILM's stock forming films are available in both high barrier and standard oxygen barrier structures, in 4mil, 5mil,6mil, 7mil, 8mil,9mil ,10mil,11mil ,12mil ,13mil and 14mil gauges. Custom structures are available for enhanced breathabilty, peelability, and color. And JYTHERMOFILM’s outstanding flexo printing is also available for registered prints.

Products requiring oxygen and moisture barrier properties applications:

High barrier: bacon, sausage ,smoked meats, nonrefrigerated meat products, aged cheeses and anything that will oxidize or develop rancidity

Standard barrier: fresh meats, cheeses

Low barrier: meats held for more than two weeks

Very low barrier: fresh poultry, swiss cheese

Breathable: fresh fish, smoked fish, seafood products

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Subject : 11 Layers Coextruded Thermoforming Film for Meat

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