PA-PE Vacuum Seal Bags Supplier

JYthermofilm PA/PE Coextruded technology Sealed Vacuum Bags (SVBs) and Reusable Vacuum Bags (RVBs) simplify the production of complex shapes, and deliver benefits that speed up the packing efficiently .

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Product Detail
JYthermofilm flat co-extrusion bag offers great quality competitive price, in addition to offering great clearness and shine that will give your product added value. The differences in the thickness of its barrier will never exceed 10%.

Vacuum sealing is an easy and low cost way of extending the shelf life of food. JYthermofilm industrial and commercial vacuum pouches are very durable, offering greatest puncture resistance. The standard thickness is 70 micron, with heavier gauges available upon request. JYthermofilm bags are suitable for chamber machines.

We have a great variety of colors available (white, black, blue and wood effect) with the option of combining them.

• Material that is more economical than laminating 

• Greater shine and clearness 

• Manufacturing in different colors 

• Different thicknesses 

• Custom manufacturing, based on your needs

• Personalization: easy-open, hole for hanging...


Subject : PA-PE Vacuum Seal Bags Supplier

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