High Barrier Cup Lidding Film for Beverage

We produced 11 layers coextruded thermoforming plastic lidding film for beverage sealing packaging application.

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Product Detail

JYTHERMOFILM offer a full range of PA outside co-extruded PA/PE. PA/EVOH/PE top webs and Lidding Films for use in accordance with compatible deep-draw thermoforming films and pre-made trays.

Thicknesses range from 40 – 200 Micron.

Barrier properties vary from low to medium to high depending on application and customer requirements.

This lidding film food packaging has great properties like easy peel and anti-fog. Available in high, medium and low barrier, this film can be used with different substrate types, including PE, PP, PS, PET, Aluminum and more. Your products’ will look great as V Top lidding has a great glossy appearance and it is available in printed, unprinted, natural, tinted and pigmented films.

Our range of beverage lidding film included features and benefits:

  • High puncture resistance & hot tack & sealing property
  • Wide range of oxygen transmission rates, for an increased the self life
  • High barrier properties against gas and moisture
  • Available in varied thicknesses as well as in thin film options
  • Makes products look premium in retail showcase because of its extremely clear & anti-fog film
  • Quick sealing properties for faster machine speeds and higher output
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for high gas and moisture vapour transmission, product preservation and maximum food packaging shelf life
  • Suitable for Lidding, Top Web, VFFS, HFFS and TFFS machines
Topweb FilmLid Film

Beverage Packaging Lidding Film


Subject : High Barrier Cup Lidding Film for Beverage

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