Peelable Multilayer Co-extrusion Barrier Jelly Lidding Film

JYTHERMOFILM  lidding film series offers  high barrier , medium barrier and non barrier film, depending on the specific application requirement.
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Product Detail

JYTHERMOFILM  manufactured barrier/EVOH easy-peel lidding film for fresh meat and snack food packaging applications.

JYTHERMOFILM  topweb film are designed to have an excellent heat sealing property which can be sealed to different tray material, such as PE, PP, PS,PET and PVC. Easy-peel sealant film is also included on this series. Various widths and gauges are available.

Our range of plastic films offer transformative features and advanced craftsmanship, ensuring your product handling efficient machine ability, extend shelf life and superior performance.

Our widely range of products provide many benefits to you and your customers including:

  • EVOH or PA as barrier layer providing high oxygen and moisture barrier properties to maintain safer and longer shelf-life
  • Anti-fogging performances providing superior optical  in all temperature conditions
  • High gloss and opticals showcase the best of your products
  • Sealing layer options compatible with many tray materials available with peelable to lock-seal options
  • Various levels of material providing a solution to all your product requirements
  • Superior sealing ability improving production speeds and efficiencies
Topweb Film

Sealable Top WebsLidding Films Packaging

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