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    Chemical Packagin Film Emulsifiable pesticides are classified as emulsifiers. Most of the solvents are petroleum solvents such as xylene and methyl naphthalene. There are also hexone and isopropanol solvents. Main performance requirement: 1. The requirement for corrosion resistance is extremely high. Moisture and oxygen resistance performance requirements are very high. 3. Qualified Thermal weightlessness. 4. High toughness requirements for materials. 5. High heat sealing performance. Compared with glass bottle and plastic bottle, the emulsifiable pesticide packaging bag made of 11 layers of co-extruded film with high barrier is more space saving, safe and in line with the development trend of pesticide packaging industry. It is widely used in the packaging of pesticide, emulsifiable concentrate and other chemical products. Industrial component packaging film 11 Layers casting functional film can meet the requirements of high-end industrial components, such as rust resistance, moisture resistance, puncture resistance, easy to stretch molding etc. Packaging film for books, calligraphy, painting, etc 11 laminar casting functional film can meet the requirements of bills, books, calligraphy and painting, such as moisture-proof and moisture-resistant products.
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