Lidding Film


Jinyu can provide a cover film for a variety of applications and can be sealed with PP, PS, APET, RPET and CPET packaging trays. Flexible lidding membranes can be used in preformed and thermoformed substrates and have features such as Easy Peal or anti-fog for a good transparency window to provide convenient packaging products for end customers.

Jinyu upweb membrane covers a fast packaging solution with uniform sealing and excellent seal integrity. There is also an effective oxygen and moisture barrier that keeps the product quality and extends shelf life.

Jinyu lidding film has applied its successful topweb film to many brands thermoforming solution.The film is self-sufficient, stripped, safe and easy to use, and provides the culinary process control for the end customer.

Jinyu lidding membrane allows you to cook food from frozen, maintain food nutrition, and can be packed on pre-existing product lines.

Jelly Topweb Membrane

Topweb Membrane

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