• Thermoforming Film
    Thermoforming Film


    Markets - Dairy Packaging - Dates and nuts - Meat, poultry, and seafood Packaging Application&Solution - Thermoforming Film (flexible bottom film) Materials - Thickness 100  -350µ - EVOH as barrier layer - PP or PE as sealing layer - PA layers for excellent puncture resistance Advantages - Outstanding forming performance - Wide range of oxygen transmission, including medium and high barrier - Good contact clarity - High impact and puncture resistance - Maintain strength at freezing and cooking-in temperatures Converting - Available as rolls for all brand thermoforming machines Thermoforming Film Thermoformed packaging is a retail package that uses thermoforming technology. The process melts a particular type of plastic into a liquid form, which is then frozen into a brittle, almost glassy state.

  • Lidding Film
    Lidding Film


    Jinyu can provide a cover film for a variety of applications and can be sealed with PP, PS, APET, RPET and CPET packaging trays. Flexible lidding membranes can be used in preformed and thermoformed substrates and have features such as Easy Peal or anti-fog for a good transparency window to provide convenient packaging products for end customers. Jinyu upweb membrane covers a fast packaging solution with uniform sealing and excellent seal integrity. There is also an effective oxygen and moisture barrier that keeps the product quality and extends shelf life. Jinyu lidding film has applied its successful topweb film to many brands thermoforming solution.The film is self-sufficient, stripped, safe and easy to use, and provides the culinary process control for the end customer. Jinyu lidding membrane allows you to cook food from frozen, maintain food nutrition, and can be packed on pre-existing product lines.

  • Lamination Base Film
    Lamination Base Film


    Markets - Dairy packaging - Meat, poultry, and seafood - Modified atmosphere packaging - Chemicals and cosmetics - Medicine packaging Packaging Solution - VFFS&FFFS - Thernoforming (top film) - Thernoforming (bottom film) - Vacuum Packaging Film Materials - Thickness of 40-200µ - EVOH as barrier layer - PE or PP as sealing layer - PA for better barrier and enhanced mechanical properties Advantages - EVOH/PA barrier block - Excellent optical properties - Superior sealing performance - Available for lock and peel sealing Converting - Available as rolls with one treated side - Available with one side hot-lamination adhesive

  • EVOH High Barrier Film
    EVOH High Barrier Film


    One of the most active and growing industries in the past five years is the "cold fresh processed food" market. Since most of the meat and cheese products are historically sold separately or sold freshly on the counter, the modern retail store offers a variety of ready-to-use slicing solutions today. In most cases, the cheese, the meat and the poultry are sliced and stored in a plastic tray which is covered with a peelable, more often reclosable cover film or laminate. As this is mainly the end consumer business, where the packaging is stored in the retail store shelves, these products in the convenience, extended shelf life and excellent print design has become very harsh. Jinyu offers one of the most comprehensive and innovative packaging solutions in the world market. Jinyu is an expert in the world's leading innovator and is dedicated to custom customer solutions as a specialist for repeatable covering and laminates with up to 10 colors of flexibility and printing. Jinyu offers a complete and modern product portfolio, including  the EVOH-based thermoforming film,high barrier film field for fresh meat, processed meats, bakeries, poultry and fish. Most applications require vacuum bags made of EVOH and / or PA / PE materials. The new Vacuum pouch films are among the finest thermoformed films in the world, with superior performance (barrier, high clarity and gloss).

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