Thermoforming Packaging EVOH Film

Fujian Sterimed New Material Technology Co., Ltd Luoyang Branch provides solutions in line with the most stringent standards of the medical industry. Its packaging uses plastic materials,  aluminum plating film, etc. Jinyu medical plastic packaging film includes: flexible thermal forming, rigid thermal forming, flow packaging (HFFS) and shrink packaging.

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Product Detail

Medical thermoforming film used in medical accessories products, such as bandages, gauze, non-woven, auxiliary equipment, etc.) of the packaging, can be on the sterilization and aseptic operation, (such as clean open), can be able to provide an acceptable microbial barrier performance, to protect the product front and back sterilization can within a certain period of time (the validity of the annotation) maintain internal packaging in a sterile environment.

The series of products developed by Luoyang Jinyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. according to the requirements of medical accessory products can fully adapt to the corresponding sterilization process, with bacteria barrier performance, and can maintain the asepsis and integrity of the equipment before use; It can be effectively sealed and easily torn off with various dialysis paper (DuPont Tyvek gummed paper, imported/domestic medical dialysis paper) to achieve aseptic opening, so as to correctly identify and use the product.

Medical accessories thermoforming film material structure design as below:

This product adopts FFS continuous vacuum automatic packaging machine, structure same as below shown.

Top Lidding Film: DuPont TYVEK gummed paper, imported/domestic dialysis paper for medical use

Bottom Film: PA/TIE/PA/TIE/PE/PE/Peelable

PA/TIE/PA/TIE/PP/PP/Peelable (steam)

The raw material resins used in the product meet FDA's requirements in 21CFR177.1520(a)(2)(I) and (c) 2.1, 2.2. According to our data, any other ingredients added to this product comply with the appropriate FDA regulations and the requirements of 21CFR177.1520. Can be suitable for ETO ethylene oxide, high temperature wet hot steam, gamma ray irradiation sterilization methods.

Product advantages:

1. Thermoforming film for medical excipients can effectively barrier microorganisms/bacteria and maintain the aseptic state of the product.

2. It has excellent adaptability to various sterilization methods of medical accessories.

3. The outer layer of medical accessories thermoforming film has good cleaning and peeling characteristics to ensure that the package is not polluted by air, the peeling strength is appropriate, no penetration, clean peeling, prevent fiber damage, dust and other foreign objects, the chance of microbial invasion, and minimize the shedding of particles, such as fiber, thin sheet and dust.

4. Excellent heat sealing effect, maintain the integrity of the sealing. After the opening of the packing, there should be no arbitrary re-sealing. (to prevent the packaging from being contaminated when opened and then closed again)

5, Excellent deep drawing hot forming effect, and maintain the high transparency effect, make the product more beautiful and correct identification of the product (in line with the requirements of medical equipment laws and regulations, including the material has a transparent side of the material, you can see the internal product).

6, Good wear resistance and puncture resistance, adapt to the packaging needs of various accessories


Subject : Thermoforming Packaging EVOH Film

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