Flexible Cast Coextrusion EVOH Thermoforming Film

Flexible cast coextrusion food packaging film produced using coextruded thechnology can deliver excellent cost and performance attributes in the preservation of filled goods. PP and PE resins as seal layers, based on world-class technologies, are the preferred materials used in the production of flexible film for film-forming, low temperature sealing and hot-fill applications.

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Product Detail

Coextruded Multilayer Casting Thermoforming Film is ideal for packaging high oil/fat content foods as well as microwave ready frozen foods and can be retorted at a temperature of 121°C for half hour. Specific food packaging applications include sauage ,bacon,meat,poultry ,seafood,processed meat and frozen ready meals, frozen prepared foods and microwaveable foods.

The cast structure will have superior barrier properties and will mostly be used for the packaging of food and can also be further transformed by thermoforming, lamination or printing.

Coextruded Multilayer Casting Thermoforming film benefits and features included:

  • Thermoforming barrier films for packing fresh, frozen, smoked & processed meat
  • Provides high clarity & glossiness
  • Enhances shelf life
  • Preserves good aroma
  • Available in EVOH option to increase shelf life

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Subject : Flexible Cast Coextrusion EVOH Thermoforming Film

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