BRC Certificated 11 Layers Thermoforming Film for Cheese

Jinyu manufacture some of the most advanced thermoforming films in the world for cheese packaging applications.

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Product Detail

Jinyu Thermo Forming Film offers PA/EVOH based 11,9, 7, 5 layers Co-extruded Flexible barrier film for thermo forming process. This packaging solution has excellent formability, which makes it the optimal solution for deep draw applications. These forming films have a highly glossy appearance and superior aroma. Vacuum Thermo is available with suitable for ‘easy peel’ property film and a wide range of thicknesses suitable for various drawing depths. These forming films ensure optimal performance with all other types of automatic thermoforming machines

Our wide range of products provide many benefits to you and your customers including:

  • Bulk packs for meat and cheese, for loss-free maturing and for storage purposes, sterile medical products also.
  • Has very strong mechanical properties, is puncture resistant and has less leakages
  • Retains strength at freezing temperatures

  • High oxygen and moisture barrier properties providing safer and longer shelf-life
  • Cook-in options available to withstand even the harshest of conditions
  • High gloss and optics, pre and post shrink showcasing the best of your product
  • Wide seal window allowing ease of use on all Thermoforming systems
  • Various grades of material and colors providing a solution to all your product requirements
  • Excellent forming ability improving presentation and efficiencies
  • Customized opening characteristics from lock-seal to easy-open available
PA/EVOH Thermo Forming Film for Cheese

Thermoforming Roll Film

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