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New packaging material application on fresh fruits and vegetables to extend the shelf life
  • 2019-06-18 08:46:11
In some areas, it is also known as gourd. Its full rich of water content and vitamin types and its delicious and fresh taste, high nutritional value and low blood pressure, which is very popular on the table universal. Because of its vast market, has been widely planted in recent years, so gourd storage methods are also concerned by many businesses. This article will introduce to you through the packaging changes to improve the fresh preservation technology, hoping to help you!

In some places, the fresh-keeping bank is similar to other fresh-keeping fruits and vegetables, and consists of a chiller and a fresh-keeping bank, all of which are equipped with pre-cooling rooms and fresh-keeping rooms. Under normal circumstances, the pre-cooling temperature of the Preservation Store is about 13 ° C and the humidity is set at 95%. After pre-cooling, you need to send the Pre-Cold Storage to the Preservation Store for storage. The storeroom temperature and humidity are both Different from precooling, the temperature needs to be kept between 0 ~ 2 ℃ and the relative humidity is about 95%. Because in such conditions, the maximum degree of freshness, texture and quality can be maintained, does not affect sales.

Based on the low-temperature storage, Luoyang Jinyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd produced 11-layers coextrusion cast high-barrier Modified Atmosphere Packaging Film ,which is a packaging technology innovation aimed at achieving the goal of fresh storage of fruits and vegetables by artificially changing the composition of environmental gases. Specifically, the atmosphere is actually keeping the appropriate low temperature, while reducing the oxygen content of the ambient gas, appropriate changes in the composition of carbon dioxide and oxygen ratio, the essence of reduce the respiration of fresh fruits and vegetables is to reduce the consumption of their nutrients.

In the preservation process, the choice of packaging film is very important, including the breathable plastic film, anti-fog film, of which:

1,Anti-fog Film: automatic temperature freezer need regular circulation, cold air cooling and warm air defrost in order to improve the cooling efficiency, placed in the freezer atmosphere modified packaging food due to temperature changes within and outside the resulting changes in the plastic film surface layer Mist, so that consumers can not see the product packaging and affect sales.

2,Breathable Plastic Film on the atmosphere of food packaging selection of suitable plastic packaging materials have important significance. Fresh fruits and vegetables modified atmosphere packaging requirements of high permeability plastic film as a gas exchange membrane and the atmosphere for gas exchange, replenishment of fruit and vegetable respiratory oxygen consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide in order to maintain the atmosphere atmosphere inside the package. Therefore, fully understand the mechanism of plastic film breathability, and a reasonable choice of plastic film is an important part of the atmosphere packaging technology. Food packaging Plastic film is a polymer, gas molecules on the plastic film infiltration phenomenon often belongs to activation diffusion. Under certain conditions, other types of diffusion may occur if there are cracks, pinholes, or other slits in the plastic film.
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