Innovation Drives Easy Open Lidding Film on Rice Packing

Easy Open lidding film is a very economical option as compared to the conventional rigid plastic lid option. These films consume less space at the time of transportation and therefore it is very cost-effective option compared to traditional plastic lids or covers.

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Product Detail

New rice packaging material take advantage of  reducing the amount , consumers can decide to buy a few boxes up to familay member needs, unlike traditional rice packaging have to buy a big bag can not eat quickly and well stored, it is easy moldy.High grade of new rice packaging appearance , good quality; the rice manufacturer  can be automatically packaged by thermoforming machine to save labor and improve efficiency; oxygen & water vapor barrier performance than traditional rice packaging, excellent puncture resistance with lower ration of broken bag! We can offer the property of easy open and easy peel for you best choice.

Sealing Capability of the film

Due to the sealing capability of easy seal film it makes it safe for the food as one will easily know that the seal was broken once it is tampered.

The easy Peel Film that we manufacture is easy to open just using your fingers. We deliver custom made easy peel films to our clients. This involves making the dimension and print on this film as per the customer’s requirement. Our Easy Peel films are widely used on all sorts of plastic containers and cups. We also have universal grades which can seal to all kinds of plastic containers.

A well-defined Food Grade Coextrded PA/EVOH/PE film ,PE layer as the sealable side of the film which added some easy peel raw material to ensure that the film is easily peeled even when used by children on their own when they want to consume that product.

Easy Peel Film Features

  • PA as barrier layer and increase shelf life

  •  Excellent barrier properties of oxygen and water vapor

  • High gloss and optics, showcasing the best of your product

  • Wide seal window,allowing ease of use for all Thermoforming systems

  • Excellent forming ability,improving presentation and efficiencies

  • Customized opening characteristics,from lock-seal to easy-open availiable

  • Easy Open Rice Packing FilmEasy Peel Packing Way for Rice

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