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PA/EVOH High Barrier Thermoforimg Film Usage on Yangmei Packing
  • 2019-06-18 08:46:02

 Yangmei customized packaging solutions

Yangmei is selling hot on the market now,but as we know Yangmei is most delicious but should not be preserved. As Yangmei selling cycle is very short, about a month or so, if not fast sales in a short period of time and shipping out, the income of the farmers will be impacted very large. Fresh product transport & storage, is one of the most critical part.

Although Yangmei there are many effects and benefits, but the fruit organization delicate, no outer peel package, and harvest coincides with the hot rain season, postharvest life and other reasons short, storage and transportation is very difficult, thus Yangmei has a statement "first day fresh, second day change color, third day change flavor. "

A large number of sales of Yangmei, which will become the most important challenge how to ensure the freshness of fruit in the case of a month's time, through the sorting, packaging, transportation and other layers, to complete the distribution of delivery to the final buyer.

Luoyang Jinyu New Material Technology Co.,Ltd manufactures 11 layers Co-extruded High Barrier Films, suited to a wide range of perishable products (fresh and processed fruit, meat,cheese, fish, sea-shells, dry nuts, olives, etc.) Suitable for vacuum packaging or modified atmosphere, these films will provide extended shelf-life and protection for storage and transportation of your Yangmei.

Nylon material layer has superior abrasion and puncture resistance to protect your

delicate Yangmei,EVOH material layer will extended shelf-life time of Yangmei.Flexbile packaging material will reduce the weight of your packing and cost of transportation,if you choosing Coextruded Thermoforming Barrier Film to pack Yangmei will have most competitive benefits to cater for your customer's requirement.

Jinyu will be based on the characteristics of Yangmei products to provide Customized Packaging Solutions to prevent  the fruit loss caused by bumps, and take a series of technical advantages to maintain the packaging of oxygen and humidity to extend the shelf life of fruit, ensure the freshness of bayberry in the transportation.Thereby to fulfill the Yangmei from the "branch" to "tongue".

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