High Clear Thermoforming Barrier Films for Fresh Meat

JYTHERMOFILM produced high clear thermoforming films are ideal for a varied food and non-food products like soft/hard cheese & dairy product, meat, poultry, fish & marine products, vegetables & fruits dried fruits & nuts, bakery products, ready meals (burger, pizza, eggs), chocolate bar & sweet welding rods, health care products, medical devises (syringes, surgical items) & much more.

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Product Detail

Prevalent across a wide range of industries, thermoforming is effectively another version of horizontal “form, fill and seal”. Once again manufacturers are saving themselves pack conversion costs as the machine does this process in line. Our offering includes standard high barrier flexible top and bottom webs, soft, high puncture and boilable films as well as 13 colour flexo top webs plus printed bottom webs.

JYTHERMOFILM Thermoforming Films features and benefits included:

  • 10 colour flexo print top and bottomo webs
  • 11 layer PA/EVOH based structures
  • Vacuum or MAP packs possible
  • Temperature tolerant to 110 Deg C
  • High barrier to 1cc/m2/24hr
  • Easy Peel options
  • High Puncture-Resistance options
  • High Clarity and Glossness
  • Deep draw to 200mm
High Clear Bottom Web FilmBarrier Thermoforming Packaging Solution for MeatEVOH Thermoforming Roll Film

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