Flexible PA/EVOH Barrier Roll Stock

Protection against outside influences while preserving the desired properties or substances, such as the aroma and taste of prodcue. It can be tricky to determine how much protection is required.

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In most cases, a complex combination of barriers needs to be meet to our customer’s specific needs. When shelf life and visual appearance are combined to full advantage, they create a decisive competitive edge at the point of sale.

Our EVOH Barrier Film range contains high-performance films and laminates with multiple layers for the food & beverage, home & personal care, pet care and other markets. We tailor film roll packaging to our customers' requirements, to ensure they provide an excellent barrier against oxygen, UV light, water vapour, odours and mineral oils, while protecting the aroma and freshness of the packaged produce.

Benefits and Features Included:

  • High barrier coextrusion films 
  • Optimal sealing materials with high sealing strength
  • High-speed films and laminates for efficient processing
  • Thin films with good mechanical properties
  • Vast range of add-on features, e.g. peelable or anti-fogging properties
  • High-quality flexo printing
  • Food compliance
Oxygen Barrier FilmEasy Peel Barrier FilmEVOH Film for Meat


Subject : Flexible PA/EVOH Barrier Roll Stock

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