Roll Stock Thermoforming Film for Health Care Products

Jinyu offers PA/EVOH based11, 9, 7 layer Co-extruded Flexible barrier film for thermo forming. This packaging solution has excellent formability, which makes it the optimal solution for deep draw applications. These forming films have a highly glossy appearance and superior aroma.

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Product Detail

Jinyu Packaging offers a wide variety of Roll Stock Film.  Custom structures are available as well as printing. 

Jinyu produced 11 layers thermoforming film by German WH most advanced casting machine are ideal for a varied food and non-food products like soft/hard cheese & dairy product, meat, poultry, fish & marine products, vegetables & fruits dried fruits & nuts, bakery products, ready meals (burger, pizza, eggs), chocolate bar & sweet welding rods, health care products, medical devises (syringes, surgical items) & much more.

Products requiring oxygen barrier properties include:

  • High barrier: bacon, smoked meats, non-refrigerated meat products, aged cheeses and anything that will oxidize or develop rancidity
  • Standard barrier: fresh meats, cheese
  • Low barrier: meats held for more than two weeks
  • Very low barrier: fresh poultry, swiss cheese
  • Breathable: fresh fish, smoked fish, produce
Barrier Thermoforming FilmCasting Forming FilmPA/EVOH Based Thermoforming Film

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